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When you hear the word Cuba what comes to mind? Cigars, classic cars, bold colors or perhaps delightful food? Although accurate, there is another perspective… do the names Fidel Castro or Fulgencio Batista ring a bell? “The Cold War” and “The Revolution” had impact on us all, but this story begins in Holguin, Cuba, 1961 through the eyes of a 14-year-old Cuban boy.

  My father at age 14

My father at age 14

Typical of any adolescent… Juan J. Suarez roamed the streets of Holguin carefree unbeknownst to the political war Fidel Castro was waging. Castro was set on eradicating the United States’ influence in Cuba making the island an “equal” state… or as Juan says today “if your family worked hard to earn their money, by default, the majority would belong to the government.” His parents were not aligned with Fidel’s strategy and agreed to send Juan on a journey to freedom.

Ironically, Juan’s American uncle, John Armstrong was stationed at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay (also known as “GTMO” leased nearly 60 years earlier on Cuban soil) and had a plan set for Juan.

  Juan Suarez's uncle John Armstrong  

Juan Suarez's uncle John Armstrong 

After kissing his mother and father goodbye for what he thought would be a brief separation, he began his journey. Juan traveled from Holguin to Santiago De Cuba then Guantanamo, where he was hidden for 3 days. He spent a night in Caimanera before sneaking on board the boat that would take him to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Map below for reference). caimanera .png

(Caimanera was the meeting point where migrant Cuban’s in the 1950’s and 60’s transferred daily to U.S. territory for various jobs that paid higher wages than Cuba).

  These are the boats the Cuban's would take everyday to the Naval Base to work

These are the boats the Cuban's would take everyday to the Naval Base to work

Imagine approaching an international border between communism and democracy with a fake ID at the age of fourteen... Despite the intensity, Juan carried out the instructions outlined breaching the communist guard with no remarks. The strange baby-faced passenger took a seat on the boat among the daily travelers without a word. With his heart racing, the young Cuban made his way to U.S. soil with no immediate plan of return.

As the boat made its way to GTMO, Juan recalls spotting naval ships and marine guards from a distance. As the ship docked in Guantanamo Bay someone who recognized his face quickly pulled him off the boat asking, “are you a Cuban exile?” Juan recalls explaining he was at the base to meet his uncle and did not speak any English. Rather quickly, the guard made him a naval base ID to authenticate his arrival and shortly after that, he was reunited with his Uncle John.

 T his is the exact spot my father diesembarked when he left Caimanera to GTMO

This is the exact spot my father diesembarked when he left Caimanera to GTMO

  Juan Suarez's GTMO ID

Juan Suarez's GTMO ID

For a full year Juan lived on the naval base under the guardianship of his uncle John Armstrong where he attended school, learned English and how to eat T-bone steak on U.S. soil. 

  The border between Cuba and U.S territory

The border between Cuba and U.S territory

Juan J. Suarez is now 71 living with his wife in Miami, FL. He has two children and two grandchildren. His memory of Cuba is struggle, pain, family detachment and self-exploration at a young age. To this day, GTMO houses about 30 exiled Cuban’s with similar stories to Juan who have not seen family members since the 60’s.

  Juan Suarez himself at age 71 in Cuba for the first time in 56 years

Juan Suarez himself at age 71 in Cuba for the first time in 56 years

56 years later, Juan returned to Cuba thanks to the Guantanamo Bay Association which provided the opportunity to refresh his memory, meet and share stories with fellow exiles and visit the exact spot where he landed when he came from Caimanera. Juan’s story is dedicated to exiled Cuban’s who left their families behind in search for freedom and political idealism. 

  These are a few of the Cuban's who live in the Cuban Community Center on the Naval Base

These are a few of the Cuban's who live in the Cuban Community Center on the Naval Base

 Cuba Guantanamo Bay Naval Base 

If you or anyone you know has a divine connection to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base you can also take a trip to relive your experiences by joining the association here. If you have any fond memories about your time in GTMO or you have a Cuban exile story we would love to hear more, drop us a line.

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 Mens Watch Inspiration
 Men's Fashion Watch Inspiration 

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TIPS FOR Cupids Arrow

If you’re planning on calling 1-800-Flowers and calling it a day… Stop right there!

Widely considered a “Hallmark holiday,” investing time into the women you find special in your life will legitimately produce the best return. So this year think outside of the box and reconsider the box of chocolates. Here are a few tips for a true gentleman:

1) Call Mother!
No text, no e-mail… call her (if possible, visit her). More than likely, no one has invested more in you than she has and the best reward you can give her is acknowledgment of that. Catch her up on all things in your life and take interest in how she’s spending her free time now that she has her life back (since you left the nest, hopefully).

 Tips for Valentines Day 

2) Write a love letter!
We as men must do a better job communicating feelings and emotion. Today, the majority of our consumption happens digitally, remind her how important she is with a classic hand written note – guaranteed to be a hit.

 Valentines Day Ideas for Men 

3) Leave your phone at home (or off) that night!
Nothing says “I love you” like answering a quick email while the wine is being served. Don’t be silly, there’s a reason we bolded the word “time.”

 4) Look your best!
You dress up for sales meeting but throw on jeans and sneakers for a date night?What message are you trying to send? Better yet, what message do you think is being received?

 How to dress for Valentines Day for men 

 5) Try something new together!
This is an opportunity to prioritize your significant other and step out of your comfort zone! How about the new mixology bar for happy hour? A nice Manhattan or Martini will fade any distraction in your life.  You don’t like dancing… too bad, give it shot! Not interested in a dressy occasion at the theater? Good thing this night isn’t about you! ;)

 Valentines Date Night Ideas 
Date Night Ideas

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At Gent Life we have an obsession for painstakingly hand-crafted garments and accessories. As we’ve said before, the term “hand-crafted” has been used all too widely… but not in St. Louis, Missouri… home of BeSquaredByJazz!

 Men's Pocket Square

Founded and crafted by Jasmine, BeSquaredByJazz.Com has a collection of unique collections that are made seasonally for the appropriate outfit at the appropriate time. By unique… we really mean, you won’t find it anywhere else. Jasmine says, “I wanted to give something I made with my hands that you can’t get anywhere else.”

 How to style your pocket square? 

These are just a few seasonable examples we’ve worked into our own day to day ensembles, give their site a visit and complete yours!

 Spring Pocket Square Inspiration 

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The word ‘gentleman’ as defined by Merriam-Webster includes “a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.” Since Merriam-Webster boasts its birth of 1828, we thought we should take a moment to define “propriety or correct” behavior in modern day terms.

After watching the Netflix original series of “Mad Men” you might wonder what correct behavior was historically? Seems a lot like publicity and image through fashion, lifestyle, charm and achievement. What men did privately however, leveraging power at the expense of countless women both physically, professionally, mentally and emotionally couldn’t be further from “propriety or correct” in our eyes.

There are many examples of the professional elite today… actors, politicians, executives etc. finding themselves in front of public firing squads. Make no mistake, there is a fine line between ‘gentleman’ and ‘successful’ and the world is making it known in the progressive #MeToo wave.

We challenge you so-called “gents” of modern day in 2018 to remember that it’s not just how far up the corporate ladder one can climb, or the quality and cut of your suit… but the quality and height of your behavior that defines you. This includes honoring women with the same respect at the workplace for their journey and contribution to business objectives.  Further, it includes honoring the lady in your home with integrity, dignity and trust. After all, you made the call to propose.

Engagement Ring Women's Rights
Proposal Engagement Ring Me Too

Ask yourself in 2018 who is our next top model gentleman? Is it you?

Cheers, gents