Frankly, A Great Deal: Frank And Oak

In search of great style, but can’t afford $200 on shirts or slacks? Look no further than Frank and Oak! In 2012, the Montreal based company hit the scene with the goal of helping one dress better while not breaking the bank. After visiting their Toronto shops and online store we can safely say; mission accomplished!

Need to find a snappy casual number? This is the perfect contemporary brand for weekend outings. Find classic tees in crew or v-neck, patterned or solid in multiple colors, breaching even multiple seasons. 

How about work casual? Add a sport coat to a Frank and Oak tee or collared shirt (again, in many different styles and colors) and be ready for happy hour with a client or a date.

In addition, Frank and Oak offers a monthly “Style Plan” program for gentlemen on the move. For $79 a month (or every other month) members get access to 5 tokens (worth $125) to choose select clothing with free shipping. If you click the link below you can get a one time special discount of $49 to start your style plan. 

Interested? Check it out here:

Cheers, Gents!


Cocktail guides in the 1890’s would often refer to bartenders as mixologists. This classic art of mixing cocktails has re-surfaced in a fury and we’ve chosen to highlight a few we’ve had the pleasure of meeting along our jaunt through time.

Josue Romero“The Garnish Guy”
From: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela        
Resides: St, Augustine, FL
Instagram: @the_garnishguy

Gin, it has the most versatility. I love floral notes, as well as astringent flavors. I can create spirit forward savory cocktails as well as full body, rich with vegetal notes.

Gin Sour
1 and ½ oz St Augustine Gin
½ oz Bauchant
½ oz Giffard Apricot
½ oz Velvet Falernum
1 oz Lemon Juice
2 dashes orange bitters
Egg White

Odd Birds St. Augustine, FL as well as private events/guest shifts

Batavia-Arrack van Oosten

Denise Moberley
From: Tampa, FL
Resides: Orlando, FL
Instagram: @ieatvomit

I love every spirit, so it’s a hard one. It usually depends on the day, the season or should I say my spirit? I’m a sucker for mescal though, but who isn’t?

One of my favorite recipes and most popular, was when I was working at Cask & Larder in Winter Park, FL. It was called Eau de Rye. I love keeping cocktails simple, yet balanced.

1.5 oz Dedemtion Rye
¾ oz. Giffard Pampiemousse
¾ oz Carpano Dry
1 dropper Bittermans Hellfire Shrub

Pour ingredients over mixing glass, stir over ice, strain into double rocks glass. Serve over large rock, garnished with a grapefruit peel rose dashed with orange blossom water over the rose.

The Guesthouse and The Courtesy Orlando, FL.

OK, Don’t hate but, come on… Jager is pretty fun.

Jonathan Fite                
From: Los Angeles, CA            
Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Instagram: @jfite17 @whatsyourpoison_17

There are so many great qualities to using different spirits. I feel I work best with rums of all variety. I like using juices and fruits for my mix-ins, opposed to the colas or club sodas.

Rum Lt. – Green Wave
1 and ¼ oz light rum
½ oz triple sec
½ oz blue curacao
Orange juice
Conclude it with a cherry pineapple garnish

I will soon be working alongside an excellent craft bartending team at Hotel Figueroa when they re-open with their beautiful renovations. Currently freelancing.

Cheers Gents! 

Summer Style:Dress for warmer months without sacrificing style

Let’s face it we have all been there, stepping out of your house and immediately regretting your decision because the summer heat is running down your back. Here are some tips us cool (both figurative and… you get the idea):

1.  Light it up. Make sure to keep fabrics light and color choices light.

2..  Dress it up. If you decide to rock the swimwear for the day pair it up with a light weight V-neck, crew neck, polo, or a Henley t-shirt.

3.  Show some ankle. Discreet socks will be your best friends in the summer and we’ve got just the place to find them.

4.  Explore print, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves. By rolling up a pair of long sleeves you can turn your work shirt into a casual summer shirt. (Tip: If you roll up your sleeves make sure you don’t have too much walking scheduled on your itinerary that day). Summer is the perfect time to explore bold prints and our summer favorites currently are sailboats, fruits, and florals.

5.  Don’t leave out the Fedora.  Whether you’re just taking a stroll or headed to the beach make sure to pack your fedora, an upgrade from your baseball cap.



6.      Just add cocktails… Cheers, Gents! 

St Martins Lane, London


Unique, distinct, idiosyncratic… These are just a few of the initial words that come to mind when describing the St Martins Lane Hotel in London’s West End.  Simply put, St Martin’s Lane has everything a gentleman may need for a quick business jaunt or a romantic getaway… with a twist! Where shall we begin?

St Martins Lane is located in heart of the theater district buzzing with things to see and do including historic government buildings like Buckingham Palace and shopping at Covent Garden. Leaving the hotel however, isn’t quite necessary with all the luxurious amenities right on the property.

Have a few emails to catch up on? Do it from the comfort of the Den with tea (or perhaps something a bit stronger) where the décor is both sophisticated in its English flair yet contemporary with vibrant art.

Hungry? Try something different at the Asia de Cuba restaurant (Latin-Asian fusion) with starters served in a cigar box… charming!

Our personal favorite was Blindspot… a ‘speak-easy’  (appropriately named) located behind the façade of a large tea station. The ambience is chic with low-lit tables perfect for a ‘get to know you’ business meeting or a night-cap with that special someone.

Tip: Plunge into the bottomless brunch at Asia De Cuba! And if you have the pleasure of staying here, ask for Belle who is the guest relations expert. We had a wonderful experience thanks to her! 

St Martins Lane

Cheers, Gents! 

Is Your Suit Strong?

Helping professional men transition and refine their lives in terms of apparel is one of many goals we strive for at The Gent Life.  This make’s Strong Suit Clothing an ideal fit (no pun intended… or maybe).

In a recent blog called Success 101 StrongSuit positions itself as the quintessential clothing company for such transition with heritage fabrics, canvas construction and tailored fit at an affordable price (under $600).

We agree with StrongSuit that a great place to start is with a navy blue suit. It can be worn to almost any affair short of a black or white tie event. A white or light blue dress shirt should be a staple in your wardrobe, as you will find they compliment any suit you own.

StrongSuit also offers some flexibility in your style statements with a variety of patterns in their suits, shirts and ties. This floral pattern for instance can work with your suit or dress it casual with a pair of jeans.

FYI- StrongSuit is an American company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. #USA

Get this Look: 

Elan Blue Stripe Shirt

Espirit Light Blue Floral Shirt

Cheers, Gents!