There you are debating which pattern of shirt you like best… after all, you can’t buy them all! If you buy all 3, or one in each style, it’s bound to run up your tab! What to do?

Solution: Invest in Allen Young, where one shirt is three!

The unique aspect of Allen Young’s collection is the ability to not only change the collar and cuffs, but the style as well! With just a few buttons I can change an all gingham pattern to gingham with white trim on the collar and cuff.

Men's Collar Shirts

Go from Glen Gary to Gatsby by switching not only the fabric of your collar, but the style! Executive, Gatsby, English spreads and classic gentleman styles are all available for mixing and matching. There are also four choices in cuff style (angled, rounded and French square and French angled).

pic 2.jpeg
Men's ties and button down

If your motto today is “always be closing” then just button on the executive collar and matching cuffs… or if you’re quote of the day is “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” then button on that Gatsby collar with the corresponding cuff. (Tip: If you want to change the cuff and collar like a pro, take the shirt off before you change them out).

Feeling zen? Go Mandarin and be collarless and cuffless!

Men's Button Down Inspiration

Pick from all different patterns of fabric and make three shirts turn into ten!  Quite brilliant, isn’t it?

Get your own shirt(s) here: Allen Young Collection

Cheers, Gents!


Our newest series to help you find your way on the road… to London!
Here are a few spots worth stopping in…

Lobos Meat & Tapas: A small Spanish tapas gem in SoHo with the friendliest of staff and an overwhelming amount of dishes to satisfy both the adventurous foodie and the pickiest eaters alike. You know care is of the essence when you see the owner working the kitchen! Oh, and this one was quite affordable!  (Tip: Come hungry and try everything).

Berners Tavern:  Located in the London Edition, the high ceilings and detailed molding make this restaurant and bar marvelous! Traditional upscale British cuisine (you’ll need a reservation) or just enjoy the work of their mixologists at the bar!

Berners Tavern
The London Edition Hotel - Berners Tavern

Blind Spot: Who doesn’t love a speakeasy, this one can be found at the St. Martins Lane hotel. This bar is hidden behind a tea counter and once you find the door you will be greeted by a very posh atmosphere inside. This is a good spot to pop in for a nightcap, they’re open late night.

London Blind Spot Speakeasy Bar
speakeasy in London
Places to visit in London - Mixology

Searcys: If you plan to take the Eurostar to Paris or Belgium, you MUST stop at the champagne bar with a balcony-view of the magnificent St Pancras International railway station.

Searcys in London
St. Pancras international railway station

Camden Market: This part of town reminds us of Brooklyn with buzzing streets, food vendors, bars and great shopping. (Tip: For quality menswear at a great price stop in on Camberry London)

Camden Market

St Martins Lane: In the heart of the Theater District, this boutique hotel has a very attentive/friendly staff, unique restaurant Asia de Cuba (Latin/Asian fusion), all footsteps away from Covent Garden and Buckingham Palace. (Tip: The tube is also just a few blocks away for quick and easy travel)

St. Martins Lane London Hotel
St.Martins Lane Hotel London

If you happen to visit any of these spots let us know your thoughts!

Cheers, gents!


Since I was a young boy, I had a formed a genuine love for two things that would one day turn into my craft and career: dressing dapper and connecting to people.


From an early age, I idolized Gene Kelley in the 1952 musical, “Singing in the Rain”, to the point in which my mother was compelled to buy me a bright yellow rain slicker and a grey fedora to match his look in the opening credits of the movie. He could sing, dance, and act; All the while being dressed to a T. He was an iconic Hollywood triple threat and exemplified a true gentleman.

I developed such a passion for dressing up to the extent that instead of being punished with an early bedtime or banned from video games, I would be forbidden to dress formally to family dinners out on the town (something that surely would be a reward for other kids my age at the time).

Fast forward, as I harnessed my knack for socialization throughout grade school and college, a future in the world of communication and relationships was a no brainer. After living in Rome and immersing myself in Italian culture and fashion for a summer, I found a company that trained me to be a clothier and wardrobe consultant. This opportunity allowed me to unlock access to the world’s finest fabrics and clothing used on Savile Row in London (Holland & Sherry). 

Every day, I have the privilege of making local professionals custom shirts, trousers, sport coats, suits, or even casual wear. My clients are usually busy and looking for their clothing to fit better and last longer all while having the process be more simple and convenient.

What do my clients value the most? The fact that I come right to their home or office to make lengthy, unnecessary trips to the mall, a thing of the past. 

Throughout your life you upgrade your standard of living progressively. This means nicer cars, bigger houses, more luxurious vacations but somehow many men find themselves shopping at the same department stores they were searching in high school and college.

Why is this?
More importantly, what is stopping you from breaking this habit? I'll leave you with a short but powerful quote:

"The best investment you can make is in yourself" -Warren Buffett

Gents, if you’re located in Central Florida and are interested in having me assist you with a customized piece feel free to contact me. 

Image (1).jpg


By: Craig Judy
(517) 416-2948

Cheers, Gents



Heard of the Kennedy family? Presidents, senators, ambassadors and attorney generals… The Boston-based family was (and still is) a dynasty in American business and politics going back to the 1920’s. 

In 1933 Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, purchased a home (for $120,000) on the shoreline of Palm Beach just north of the historic Breakers Hotel to use as a winter retreat for his family.  Nearly three decades later, the home would be known as the “Winter White House” where President John F. Kennedy would hold press conferences, write “Profiles in Courage” as senator and spend one last weekend before embarking on his final trip ever… Dallas, TX.

 Palm Beach 

More than just a tropical operation center, Palm Beach was home to the Boston family every winter and they loved it there according to their neighbors. Swimming, sailing, touch football and several holidays (including the Kennedy’s final Easter at St. Edwards Catholic Church) were spent in Palm Beach leaving a positive impression on the very much Republican town.

The estate stayed in the Kennedy family for over 60 years until it was sold to New York businessman John Castle in 1995. It has since changed hands once again at the price of $31 million. The only thing visible today from the street at 1095 N. Ocean Blvd is the infamous door to the long-covered walkway into the main house which was the site of press conferences or announcements the family made.

JFK - John F. Kennedy

PS: Stop by St. Edwards Roman Catholic Church at 144 N County Rd, Palm Beach to see the plaque “President John F. Kennedy knelt here at Mass.” Its perhaps the only visible reminder of the Kennedy years in Palm Beach, FL.  

Cheers, Gents!


 Cuban Cars 
 Cuban Cigars 
 Cuba Border
 Fidel Castro 

When you hear the word Cuba what comes to mind? Cigars, classic cars, bold colors or perhaps delightful food? Although accurate, there is another perspective… do the names Fidel Castro or Fulgencio Batista ring a bell? “The Cold War” and “The Revolution” had impact on us all, but this story begins in Holguin, Cuba, 1961 through the eyes of a 14-year-old Cuban boy.

  My father at age 14

My father at age 14

Typical of any adolescent… Juan J. Suarez roamed the streets of Holguin carefree unbeknownst to the political war Fidel Castro was waging. Castro was set on eradicating the United States’ influence in Cuba making the island an “equal” state… or as Juan says today “if your family worked hard to earn their money, by default, the majority would belong to the government.” His parents were not aligned with Fidel’s strategy and agreed to send Juan on a journey to freedom.

Ironically, Juan’s American uncle, John Armstrong was stationed at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay (also known as “GTMO” leased nearly 60 years earlier on Cuban soil) and had a plan set for Juan.

  Juan Suarez's uncle John Armstrong  

Juan Suarez's uncle John Armstrong 

After kissing his mother and father goodbye for what he thought would be a brief separation, he began his journey. Juan traveled from Holguin to Santiago De Cuba then Guantanamo, where he was hidden for 3 days. He spent a night in Caimanera before sneaking on board the boat that would take him to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Map below for reference). caimanera .png

(Caimanera was the meeting point where migrant Cuban’s in the 1950’s and 60’s transferred daily to U.S. territory for various jobs that paid higher wages than Cuba).

  These are the boats the Cuban's would take everyday to the Naval Base to work

These are the boats the Cuban's would take everyday to the Naval Base to work

Imagine approaching an international border between communism and democracy with a fake ID at the age of fourteen... Despite the intensity, Juan carried out the instructions outlined breaching the communist guard with no remarks. The strange baby-faced passenger took a seat on the boat among the daily travelers without a word. With his heart racing, the young Cuban made his way to U.S. soil with no immediate plan of return.

As the boat made its way to GTMO, Juan recalls spotting naval ships and marine guards from a distance. As the ship docked in Guantanamo Bay someone who recognized his face quickly pulled him off the boat asking, “are you a Cuban exile?” Juan recalls explaining he was at the base to meet his uncle and did not speak any English. Rather quickly, the guard made him a naval base ID to authenticate his arrival and shortly after that, he was reunited with his Uncle John.

 T his is the exact spot my father diesembarked when he left Caimanera to GTMO

This is the exact spot my father diesembarked when he left Caimanera to GTMO

  Juan Suarez's GTMO ID

Juan Suarez's GTMO ID

For a full year Juan lived on the naval base under the guardianship of his uncle John Armstrong where he attended school, learned English and how to eat T-bone steak on U.S. soil. 

  The border between Cuba and U.S territory

The border between Cuba and U.S territory

Juan J. Suarez is now 71 living with his wife in Miami, FL. He has two children and two grandchildren. His memory of Cuba is struggle, pain, family detachment and self-exploration at a young age. To this day, GTMO houses about 30 exiled Cuban’s with similar stories to Juan who have not seen family members since the 60’s.

  Juan Suarez himself at age 71 in Cuba for the first time in 56 years

Juan Suarez himself at age 71 in Cuba for the first time in 56 years

56 years later, Juan returned to Cuba thanks to the Guantanamo Bay Association which provided the opportunity to refresh his memory, meet and share stories with fellow exiles and visit the exact spot where he landed when he came from Caimanera. Juan’s story is dedicated to exiled Cuban’s who left their families behind in search for freedom and political idealism. 

  These are a few of the Cuban's who live in the Cuban Community Center on the Naval Base

These are a few of the Cuban's who live in the Cuban Community Center on the Naval Base

 Cuba Guantanamo Bay Naval Base 

If you or anyone you know has a divine connection to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base you can also take a trip to relive your experiences by joining the association here. If you have any fond memories about your time in GTMO or you have a Cuban exile story we would love to hear more, drop us a line.

Cheers, Gents!