Casual Friday is a relatively recent initiative beginning in Hawaii, 1966 with “Aloha Friday.” In a campaign called “Operation Liberation,” the Hawaiian Fashion Guild distributed two aloha shirts to state politicians leading to a state resolution that gained acceptance in Hawaii as business attire. This custom found its way to California and around the globe until the 1990’s now commonly known as “Casual Friday.” 

However, what is accepted as casual really depends on the line of work you’re in. 

Here are some examples based on your work environment: 

CONSERVATIVE (Finance, Banking, Law)
This is one of the last environments where dark suits and ties with minimal flair is still a reality. These roles often require credibility before self-expression (although we believe this to be true in anything you do, see: The 10 Gent Commandments). Hey, that’s conservative values for you! However, shedding a tie from your suit like this look from Strong Suit should meet conservative standards. (In some conservative offices, jeans might be acceptable… read the room!)

casual Friday inspiration for men

What’s considered ‘casual’ in the conservative sector is a bit more typical in a work week for current employees in sales and advertising. Jeans are far more acceptable on Friday’s here. That said, your jeans should be classic blue denim, fitted with no holes (these are from Vince)!

Ways to dress for casual Friday for men

We’re still not sure why casual jeans need to look like you’ve been playing tackle football in them.
If jeans don’t feel right to you try matching a nice pair of slacks like these from Atelier Gardeur with a business styled shirt from Allen Young and an affordable blazer from J. Crew.

How to dress for casual Friday like a pro

CREATIVE (Agencies, Media, Entertainment) 
This sector is far more progressive when it comes to self expression. However, we still believe in standards. Have fun with color and accessories, but keep it subtle. You can dress a tee shirt up like this Frank & Oak and pair with a nice jacket and lapel flower.

Gentlemen’s Lapel Pin & Casual Friday Inspiration

Or pair a vintage shirt that comes with a story, scaled up with a nice spring blazer, pocket square or lapel pin (choose one or the other to avoid being mistaken for a costume).  

Casual Friday inspiration for men
Casual Frida Options for men

See you at happy hour!

Cheers, Gents!

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