We’ll never discourage you from reading the paper or endless books, but these days a gentleman can feed his brain with online publications just as well. Here are some of our favorites from Central Florida you should keep an eye on.

Danny Bayshore: While you may find him traveling the world, Danny and his girlfriend Lindsey are a fashion one-two punch out of Tampa, Florida. From traditional business to outdoor casual, Danny has given us inspiration in outfit combinations for years now.

Central Florida Bloggers

David’s Manor: Based in Orlando, Florida… David covers food, cocktails and travel (especially for Disney lovers). However, it’s his ambassadorship with Gant that we find particularly appealing as they’re one of our favorite Northeast brands dating back to 1949 (ah, mid-century). 

Central Florida bloggers

The Garnish Guy: If you travel to St. Augustine (and we encourage it) stop by Oddbirds for a cocktail and meet Josue Romero, one of the country’s best mixologists. He can turn almost anything into a delicious cocktail. Follow his instagram for spectacular photos, precise measurements and a great story.

Central Florida Cocktails - The Garnish Guy

Drink Sanford: We absolutely adore this couplet whom leave a trail of breadcrumbs to Central Florida’s best cocktail joints and an occasional home-bar concoction of their own. The only question; who wrote it? The Mr. or the Mrs.?
PS: Follow their expanded alter ego @MrAndMrsDrink on instagram.

Orlando Local Bloggers

The Shitty Beautiful: This account is not only hilarious but unique. This account combines libations and the loo! It’s as entertaining as it gets! If you follow along with her adventures be sure to join in on one of her curated toilet tour’s which includes potty people, cocktails and laughs.

Orlando Bloggers to follow

No embellishing, we begin each morning by checking out these accounts…
Bungalower: From the newest restaurants to downtown’s biggest initiatives, Brendan O’Connor’s local blog will get you the most hyper-local headlines with a fun twist. Expect a chuckle as you read about political movements or where the best pho in Orlando.


Pulptown: Covering Orlando and its outer edges, Pulptown helps its readers understand what’s happening in our city and why it matters. It’s perfect for the on-the-go business traveler in residential Orlando. We particularly enjoy its occasional exploration of Orlando’s enriched history! Hats off to local director Katie Johnston for channeling O-Town’s sunshine on their daily newsletter.

Pulptown Orlando Newsletter

The Daily City: Keep up with the city’s economic growth and infrastructure as well as new local businesses. One of our favorite things about Mark Baratelli’s creation is his flea markets! We learn about all kinds of Orlando small businesses first hand and often walk away with an antique or some unique men’s product made right here in Central Florida! Don’t miss the next one on July 28th!

The Daily City - Orlando Bloggers

Orlando Date Night Guide: Gallivant around Central Florida with some spectacular ideas and tips from Kristen and Stephanie (and the rest of their team) who have been curating for couples since 2007. Get on their newsletter and never rack your brain again over where to take her! (Side note: they offer great deals and contest).

Orlando Date Night Guide

Sweet Seekers: What will you do after dinner when she’s craving something sweet? You’ll know just the place because you follow along with Kayla & Mo’s adventures as they personally test every decadent dessert from around the world. The videos keep you with them every step of the way! Question is, how many desserts are considered too much?

Orlando Bloggers to follow

The Wandering Maven: Warning; if you can’t handle photos of food and drink that make your mouth water and maybe leave the office a little early… don’t follow! This blog is a must-see for anyone who has the travel bug (and loves to eat and drink) local or distant. Enjoy!

Orlando Florida Bloggers to follow

Lemonhearted: Donuts, drinks and other devilish things we devour… find them locally on Lindsey Thompson’s site Lemonhearted! Challenge yourself to a new coffee spot or restaurant every day and expand your local culture. Plus, her photos are envy worthy.

Central Florida bloggers to follow

Here are a few other Instagram accounts worthy of clicking that follow button:
Townie Tourist
Steven Madow - For more photos like our cover photo, check out Steven!
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Around Downtown Orlando
Around Thorton Park

Cheers, Gents! 

PS- Did we miss any of your top bloggers? Shoot us a note and let us know which ones should be featured on Volume II.