Florida Bourbon Distillery

Disclaimer: It is a common misconception that bourbon whiskey can only be made in Bourbon County, KY. It must, however, be aged in a brand new, charred white oak barrel to be legally called bourbon whiskey.

Winter Park Distillery

Alas, The Winter Park Distilling Company!

Bourbon Winter Park

Established in 2010 by Andrew Asher and Paul Twyford with only a 50-gallon still and a few old recipes, Winter Park Distilling Company became the first and finest craft distillery in Orange County, Florida.

Winter Park Disillery
Whiskey Bourbon Distillery

We recently toured the facility and sampled several different whiskeys as well as vodka, rum and even beer (yes, they brew)! Andrew gave the tour himself and aside from being extremely pleasant and friendly, his knowledge in the history of distilling and its place in chronological human civilization is quite impressive.

Bourbon Flights

After sampling them all, we highly recommend the Bear Gully Classic Bonfire Bourbon (we took home a bottle).  Its unaged corn whiskey soaked in a bed of charred sugar maple before being aged in a new white oak barrel. Slightly smoky, very smooth! We’ve been drinking it neat thus far, but look forward to using it for an Old Fashioned!

Florida Distillery