The word ‘gentleman’ as defined by Merriam-Webster includes “a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.” Since Merriam-Webster boasts its birth of 1828, we thought we should take a moment to define “propriety or correct” behavior in modern day terms.

After watching the Netflix original series of “Mad Men” you might wonder what correct behavior was historically? Seems a lot like publicity and image through fashion, lifestyle, charm and achievement. What men did privately however, leveraging power at the expense of countless women both physically, professionally, mentally and emotionally couldn’t be further from “propriety or correct” in our eyes.

There are many examples of the professional elite today… actors, politicians, executives etc. finding themselves in front of public firing squads. Make no mistake, there is a fine line between ‘gentleman’ and ‘successful’ and the world is making it known in the progressive #MeToo wave.

We challenge you so-called “gents” of modern day in 2019 to remember that it’s not just how far up the corporate ladder one can climb, or the quality and cut of your suit… but the quality and height of your behavior that defines you. This includes honoring women with the same respect at the workplace for their journey and contribution to business objectives.  Further, it includes honoring the lady in your home with integrity, dignity and trust. After all, you made the call to propose.

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Ask yourself in 2019 who is our next top model gentleman? Is it you?

Cheers, gents