Father’s Day is June 16th (mark your calendars, gents) and if you’re still scratching your head on what to get dad, we’re here to help inspire some ideas. Here are our top Father’s Day gifts:

Gent Life Father's Day Gift Guide
  1. Beckett Simonon: For the Dad who spends hours in the office we suggest upgrading their briefcase. If you are feeling extra generous, order him a pair of made to order shoes to go along with that briefcase. Note: since they are made to order they take about 6 weeks to deliver but worth the wait.

  2. Original Grain: Does your dad like watches & whiskey? This brand makes their watches out of whiskey barrels making this accessory stylish and unique. Use DAD25 at checkout for 25% off.

  3. Gentleman’s Box: We’ve been receiving these boxes for years and always find gems to spice up our wardrobe. This men’s fashion subscription box is great for a dad who is trying to improve his accessory collection or just experiment with some new pieces.

  4. Corkcicle: From keeping your water cool to maintaining that coffee warm all morning, this is a gift suitable for any type of pop. They also carry barware and elegant coolers so Dad can stay in style, always. Use code GENTLIFE at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

  5. Tie Bar: Accessories, accessories and more accessories. From tie clips, cuff links and unique ties for dad, Tie Bar’s got it.

  6. Giovanna Barrios: This one is for the fancy Dad in your life. If exotic leather sounds like something your dad would geek over then Giovanna Barrios is exactly what he need. There’s a selection of stingray, crocodile, ostrich, python and shark leather to choose from for wallets, accessories and bags.

  7. Bespoke Post: This subscription box is built specifically based off the profile and preferences you fill out. We really like this idea since the box is not one size fits all. Fill out the quiz and a box will be prepared on a monthly basis with items like grooming products, accessories, home decor, kitchen tools and more. Start with a 3-month subscription and ease him in!

  8. Moshi: For the adventurous dad get him a backpack that can double up for hikes or the office. Tip: It can even make for a very discreet daddy bag to carry babies/children’s items in.

  9. Shades Club: Different days call for different shades. You can buy dad sunglasses directly from Shades Club or sign him up for a monthly subscription sent right to his door. Use code GENT20 for $20 off your order.

  10. Mio Marino: For the executive dad (or the retired gent) make sure to check out the belt collection Mio Marino has. So many different options to choose from!

  11. Cigar Club: Is dad a cigar aficionado? How about a cigar subscription? There are two membership options 1. The Corona (3 cigars) 2. The Churchill (5 cigars), either choice will help dad expand and try some new cigars he may have never tried before.

  12. Allen Young NY: Don’t just buy dad an ordinary shirt. If he likes to dress up might we suggest buying an Allen Young shirt which has interchangeable collars/cuffs. This way, his one shirt turns into three!

Hope we were able to help inspire some ideas to gift the Father’s in your life.

Cheers, Gents!