Seasons are the unofficial holidays of your wardrobe. This is a time to transition your closet with new colors and fabrics for. We’re ready to strip off the layers and trade the arctic breeze for a warm one. Before you trade in all your winter garments for a pair of shorts and a cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas; here are a few thoughts:

The top color hues for spring are all light in color: blues, whites, teals, pinks, yellows, beiges and light green. These all can go with jeans, khaki shorts, charcoal dress pants, White pants (if done appropriately).

When spring makes its way to your city consider sprinkling floral patterns. The trend has been on the rise, dame or gent. Keep it balanced with some solid colors and you’ll stand out from the rest!

Gent Life: Feeling Floral

Now for some inspiration, Cheers Gents!

Gent Life: Feeling Floral
Gent Life: Feeling Floral
Floral Shirt For Men
Floral Tie
Floral Bow Tie

PS- Fear of failure? Try starting small with a pocket square!