If the organic route is your path, look no further than The Hunting Club based out of Toronto, Canada. Heard of small batch whiskey? Sure! How about small batch grooming products all heated, blended, poured and package by hand without harmful or artificial ingredients?

The Hunting Club Hair Products

Large companies take manufacturing shortcuts to mass-produce products requiring preservatives, parabens or dyes but the Hunting Club maintains its integrity as an investor in your hair and skin using plant-based oils for preservation and scent.

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Their three main products are beard oil designed to tame your beard while keeping it soft relieving the itchiness. Rub it throughout your bristles and comb/style as desired.

Mens Grooming Producuts

They also have 2 pomades including a clay/argyle pomade which is perfect for hair that doesn’t need to gleam but needs a bit of hold and texture. The other is classic pomade for slicked back parts and shine. One thought: try mixing the two together!

Try Hunting Club products today! (they make great holiday gifts):

The Hunting Club

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