Have you seen the shirt “Keep Austin Weird?” It’s an authentic statement. 

It is truly one of the most unique cities we’ve seen in a while. Live music, great food, unique businesses, and enriched history permeate through this liberal oasis in red Texas.

Austin Texas Wall Art

Have a trip or visit in the works? Here are a few of our suggestions:

Lamberts: Located in the historic JP Schneider Store built in 1873, this jewel offers slow-smoked BBQ with a modern twist on traditional Texas cuisine. We recommend a BBQ plate so you can try multiplemeats, the house made sauce is fantastic (we wouldn’t normally reference waffle fries, but these are memorable)! The restaurant also has a fantastic craft beer and cocktail bar. Try the “Smoking Section,” an amazing mezcal cocktail that turned out to be the perfect solution after a long night of jaunting,  hair of the dog anyone?

Lamberts Austin, TX

Rainey Street Historic District: Imagine you converted your little home into your dream bar, then every neighbor followed suit… That’s Rainey Street. Everyday is a block party here! Play a game of ping pong at Lustre Pearl or order drinks in a shipping container at the Container Bar (you’ll have to see for yourself). 

Rainey Street

The Driskill: As the oldest operating hotel in the city, the Drikill is a city landmark dating back to 1886. Multiple presidents have stayed at the Driskill including Lyndon Johnson who’s first date with First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson was in the Driskill Dining Room (you can still eat here).

The Driskill Hotel Austin, Texas
The Driskill Hotel

Hotel Van Zandt: Located in the vibrant and historic Rainey Street District, this boutique hotel has rock & roll character with Texas charm. Grab a cocktail and lose yourself in live music at Geraldines or relax by the rooftop pool. 

Where to find cocktails in Austin

Stag: This is Toys R’ Us for men… boots, shades, jeans, jackets & accessories for the classic, yet modern gentleman. They’re now a small chain, but the Austin location was first.

Stag Store in Austin Texas

Prototype-Vintage: There are many vintage shops in Austin’s SoCo district (in fact many shops, restaurants and hotels worth visiting in SoCo) but this was one gem that we struggled to make decisions due to the sheer amount of gems we found! 

Anything from a Stones-concert tee in ’75 to a pair of boots you’re pretty sure Joe Strummer owned himself can be found here, this shop had it all!

Cheers, Gents! 

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