Our newest series to help you find your way on the road… to Paris

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Paris France places to go

Only have a day or two? Here are a few of our recommendations...

Le Grand Colbert: If you’re a movie buff you may recall a breakfast scene between Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson here in “All Can Happen.” This restaurant not only resonates its history dating back to 1900 as a restaurant and building dating back to 1828… but, also has phenomenal braised beef! (Located in the 2nd Darrondissement not a far walk from Palais Royale).

Le Grand Colbert Resturant Paris, France

The Experimental Cocktail Club: Keep your eye out for it, its only marked by a plaque on a quiet Parisian street. Its drinks as good as any high quality speak-easy with mixologists who respect their craft, however… the vibe is what we love best! The music was a DJ actually spinning classic vinyl and barkeepers who couldn’t have been more hospitable.

Explore France like a local

Little Red Door: This is a personal experiment in subjective perception where your cocktails are crafted based on pictures in the menu you happen to connect with as the mixologists attempt to match a drink with your personality (Or you can cheat and reveal the ingredients, but what the hell, live a little).

Bars In France

Palais Royale: Should you see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe? Sure, if you have time. But if you’re in town for a quick stop we recommend a stroll through this royal residence and its lovely architecture and gardens designed and built in the 1600’s. (If you plan on visiting the Louvre, this is right across the street). 

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Arc De Triomphe Paris France
Paris France

The Peninsula Paris: If this luxurious and chic hotel doesn’t get you on its lobbies, rooms and bars… make your way to the roof for arguably the best views to dine and drink in Paris at L’Oiseau Blanc.  

If you happen to visit any of these spots let us know your thoughts!

Cheers, gents!