Helping professional men transition and refine their lives in terms of apparel is one of many goals we strive for at The Gent Life.  This make’s Strong Suit Clothing an ideal fit (no pun intended… or maybe).

In a recent blog called Success 101 StrongSuit positions itself as the quintessential clothing company for such transition with heritage fabrics, canvas construction and tailored fit at an affordable price (under $600).

We agree with StrongSuit that a great place to start is with a navy blue suit. It can be worn to almost any affair short of a black or white tie event. A white or light blue dress shirt should be a staple in your wardrobe, as you will find they compliment any suit you own.

StrongSuit also offers some flexibility in your style statements with a variety of patterns in their suits, shirts and ties. This floral pattern for instance can work with your suit or dress it casual with a pair of jeans.

FYI- StrongSuit is an American company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. #USA

Get this Look: 

Elan Blue Stripe Shirt

Espirit Light Blue Floral Shirt

Cheers, Gents!