As the temperatures cool (maybe) and the leaves turn a different shade (depending on where you live), the time is upon us for layers of leather! Displaying perhaps our favorite accessorized materials we’ve put together some looks from select brands from across the globe which we admire to help jump start your inspiration. 

A slick pair of leather shoes can keep your outfit going from eye level right to the ground. Caramel, chestnut and browns are just a few of many shades to choose from. A light colored shoe with a dark suit can absolutely bring your outfit to life and vice versa! 

Leather Shoes by  John Varvatos

Leather Shoes by John Varvatos

Don’t forget design! Wingtips, brogues, oxfords, monk straps, boots… the choices are much like a locker combination when it comes to pairing design with color and variety of leather.  

Vintage leather shoes from  Owls Attic.

Vintage leather shoes from Owls Attic.

When it comes to price, don’t be intimidated. There’s something for every wallet! While we can make the argument, a great pair of well-crafted expensive shoes can last you a lifetime, it’s not the only route to looking your best. A pair of vintage leather shoes (should you find them, be patient) can not only add the quality factor, but also a lovely back story! Remember to look deeper than the name brands… many entrepreneur craftsmen do quality work at a fraction of the price using alternative leather in more exotic places, like Beckett Simonen out of Columbia, South America.

Vintage leather shoes from  Owls Attic.

Vintage leather shoes from Owls Attic.

Bags & Briefcases
Much like shoes, you can tell a man cares about his aesthetic by the bag across his shoulder. The quality is important since you don’t want to pick up all of your belongings in the airport security line when your bag breaks down! When searching for your bag pay close attention to the handles and strap loops for the strength of reinforcement. If you’re carrying things like laptops, eyeglasses and other pricey items you best be sure it feels strong!
Tip: Try to match your bag with your other accessories like watch band or shoes. 

Mens Leather Briefcase by  Frye.

Mens Leather Briefcase by Frye.

Leather Bag & Shoes by  John Varvatos

Leather Bag & Shoes by John Varvatos

Was it Elvis or Fonzie who made the leather jacket a statement piece, we don’t know! What we do know is a leather jacket can lure eyes at a casual or snappy casual attire. It can be sleek and simple, or more robust and articulate in its design. One thing we recommend, is its fitting. You don’t want to look like a walking leather bag so be judicious and particualr with your choices! 

Leather Jacket
Leather Jackets for men by  Belstaff

Leather Jackets for men by Belstaff

A tad of leather is just enough to give your attire a flare! Don't go overboard either because head to toe leather will make you look like a 2000’s version of Crocodile Dundee. 

Cheers, Gents!

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