There is a reason the word ‘gentleman’ is synonymous with words like chivalrous, courteous and honorable. Above all else, true gentlemen have the obligation to be leaders and trendsetters for the sake of humanity.


October is breast cancer awareness month and we’re here to point out (if you hadn’t considered it yet) that this is NOT a female cause, but a cause for humanity. Yes gentlemen, this goes far beyond our lust for bust, but understanding our very existence on earth is contingent on women. Our respect for this is why we must treat them with a greater degree of regard, as a football team does its quarterback.

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Wearing pink is a way of showing support and solidarity in ending breast cancer. However, your effort must yield more than a symbolic gesture. The NFL has not only shown its support in dressing its sidelines and players in pink, but also by converting 100% of its proceeds in specialty pink merchandise to raise funds for breast cancer screenings and education.

This October, we at Gent Life will also be turning our feeds pink while making a $250 donation to Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. While we encourage you to ‘show’ your support for breast cancer awareness, it’s far more vital for you to take an active role in ending breast cancer for generations to come in donations or community engagement.

Donate to Florida Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking HERE

Our purpose at Gent Life is to unlock men’s greatest potential and we challenge you to begin this month in a cause that encompasses your very existence. Join us and millions of people by standing together in efforts to eliminate breast cancer as a life threatening illness.

Cheers, Gents!

Background Information on Florida Breast Cancer Foundation:
The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) was founded by 3 Miami women in 1993. Originally named the South Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, the organization began as a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to ending breast cancer through advocacy, education, and research. With the introduction of the specialty End Breast Cancer license plate in 2002, a second organization was formed – the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition Research Foundation - created to receive the funds from the sale of the plate. A few years later the official name changed to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, but the mission and vision remain the same.

To raise awareness and mobilize Floridians to…

Ensure sufficient government and public funding for breast cancer research

• Ensure quality healthcare for all without fear of discrimination

• Ensure an environment free of carcinogens

Donate to Florida Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking HERE

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