After decades of real estate busts and the Great Depression, the United States economy finally began to turn around thanks to World War II’s defense spending. Miami was certainly no different as tourism and real estate investment boomed erecting several coastal hotels including the Gale South Beach and Regent Hotel.

The Gale Hotel

The two hotels were both similar in their Art Deco design, however weren’t linked until 1964. Naturally, South Beach exploded with residential and commercial real estate development over the next several decades, Gale South Beach and Regent Hotel faded with neglect until 2012 when it was renovated and managed by Menin Hospitality. Today, it pays tribute to its roots donning photos of wartime Miami and 1940’s glamour.  In fact, the lobby includes a framed proclamation: “The rebirth of these two famous Art Deco hotels, Gale and Regent, is dedicated to the United States of America World War II armed services personnel who occupied these properties immediately after their indoctrination and training. We honor these patriotic men and women who were part of the fighting forces that led to America’s victory in World War II and the freedom of the world.”

The Gale South Beach

The back entrance of the hotel (The Regent hotel entrance) opens up to the Regent Cocktail Club with its stained wood panel walls and classic leather furniture. They specialize in classic cocktails like gimlets, old fashioned’s, Manhattans etc. If you time it well you might even see some live music!

Gale Hotel South Beach

PS: The Regent Cocktail Club was the inspiration for launching our Instagram account some ways back!

Cocktail Club