There you are debating which pattern of shirt you like best… after all, you can’t buy them all! If you buy all 3, or one in each style, it’s bound to run up your tab! What to do?

Solution: Invest in Allen Young, where one shirt is three!

The unique aspect of Allen Young’s collection is the ability to not only change the collar and cuffs, but the style as well! With just a few buttons I can change an all gingham pattern to gingham with white trim on the collar and cuff.

Men's Collar Shirts

Go from Glen Gary to Gatsby by switching not only the fabric of your collar, but the style! Executive, Gatsby, English spreads and classic gentleman styles are all available for mixing and matching. There are also four choices in cuff style (angled, rounded and French square and French angled).

pic 2.jpeg
Men's ties and button down

If your motto today is “always be closing” then just button on the executive collar and matching cuffs… or if you’re quote of the day is “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” then button on that Gatsby collar with the corresponding cuff. (Tip: If you want to change the cuff and collar like a pro, take the shirt off before you change them out).

Feeling zen? Go Mandarin and be collarless and cuffless!

Men's Button Down Inspiration

Pick from all different patterns of fabric and make three shirts turn into ten!  Quite brilliant, isn’t it?

Get your own shirt(s) here: Allen Young Collection

Cheers, Gents!

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