“Hand-made” has become an unfortunate loose term as technology has brought us the ability to mass-produce. However, for Laura Michaud, creator of The Maine Square, it’s a term she uses in its intended context. It was her interest in sewing that actually created a line of unique accessories that capture the essence of preppy New England flair.

How to style a bow tie with a pocket square?

Perhaps its northeastern roots or maybe the love of Kennedy’s fashion influence that draws our appreciation for preppy New England style, nonetheless we’re a sucker for it!  Lobsters, pastels, anchors… a fashion subculture linked in time to communities by the sea. You’ll “feel” it from the moment it arrives!

Maine Square - Maine

The Maine Square (naturally, made in Veazie, Maine) features an array of accessories like ties, bow-ties, pocket squares and even a line for ladies.  In addition, every Maine Square can be customized with your design of choice!

Men's Pocket Square Inspiration

Not only is The Maine Square a perfect gift for the holidays… but a perfect accessory as well!

Pocket Square Photos

Interested in purchasing or following their work?
Check them out here: The Maine Square

Cheers, Gents!

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