On a day we honor service to our country I would like to recognize John Landers Armstrong, Born May 19, 1875 in Indiana, Armstrong was an American soldier, patriot and comrade.

When the Spanish American war began, he enthusiastically asked to join his local company but was disappointed to find no space for him. However, Armstrong would not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Twenty four hours later Armstrong showed up at the Army basecamp pleading with Corporal John Cox for an opportunity to fight alongside his countrymen stating “I told you that if you fellows were going to war I was going with you, didn’t I?” Despite, Cox’s requests to his company command, Armstrong was turned away again.

The next day Armstrong made one final appearance before the Captain himself with help from Corporal Cox. After being inspected, he was enlisted by signature to a blank piece of paper. “We’ll fill out the particulars in the morning” the Captain stated.

Memorial Day Rememberance

John Landers Armstrong would go on to serve his country in the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico for which he received 6 military decorations. In World War I he was commissioned as the captain and served in the Quartermaster Corps in the United States.

Captain John L. Armstrong was 86 when he died and was buried in Arlington Cemetery with full military honors. He was not only an American soldier, patriot and comrade… but he was also my great grandfather.

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Have you ever been so relentless to give your life for your neighbors and country?

Cheers Gents,
Yadia Suarez