Considered the cornerstone of southern wardrobe, seersucker actually dates back to British colonial rule in warmer colonies like India. The ventilated cotton was preferred among those working in warm conditions like engineers in railroad and oil industries. In New Orleans 1909, Joseph Haspel was manufacturing garment for laborers when he came up with the idea of turning the material into a business suit.

Men Seersucker Blazer

Here are some ideas for the next time you decide to skip over a seersucker piece in your closet.

Seersucker Pants for men

Break the suit up and make its respective pieces work with other garments. For instance, try wearing the pants with a short sleeved navy polo or tee shirt. The jacket could be a good match on its own with a pair of blue jeans or khaki slacks.

Men's Seersucker Blazer

FYI- Traditionally, seersucker is only worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Cheers, gents!

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