What you love about your favorite whiskey (quality and scarcity) you can also find in your casual or formal wear. Stede is a family run business in Vancouver, Canada that designs and manufactures handmade shirts all under one roof. 

Handmade Clothing for men

Not only are we fans of small businesses that believe in quality vs. quantity, Stede also mixes classic and contemporary in their repertoire.  For instance, the durability of this “Twilight Blue” long-sleeved is strong enough for a day’s work on a naval vessel, yet light enough to endure those hot summer months. (Tip: dress it up with a tie and jacket for a cocktail party or date night).

Dress to impress

Initially, we were drawn to Stede when we saw this beautifully designed print called “Sandy Shores” reminding us of Cutty Sark, a historic mid 19th century clipper ship (also logoed on the classic scotch brand). This short sleeved shirt has not only pattern worthy of making any ‘captain’ exhilarated, but also the quality in its trimmed contrast linen makes it clear the shirt was not mass produced. 

Mens Shirt

The “Grey Dash” was perfect for a night of classic cocktails with rooftop twilight. The linen and cotton breathe nicely… and this was photographed on a July evening in Florida! 

Men's Button Down

Aside from the unique detail and style, its unlikely you’ll get the “how cute, you both wore the same shirt” joke at a group meeting or engagement when you know Stede manufactures in small batches, much like your whiskey. 

Check out Stede! 

Cheers, Gents. 

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