Gent Life: Spring Forward

Seasons are the unofficial holidays of your wardrobe. This is the time where you can revamp your closet and introduce new colors and fabrics into your daily fashion routine. Come February we are impatiently waiting to strip off the layers to enjoy the cool breeze rather than that arctic freeze. The transition from Winter to Spring is your time to make some integral closet swaps starting out with that beloved parka. However, before you trade in all your winter garments for a pair of shorts and a cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas, this is the time where mixing and matching your Spring and Winter looks are key.

Gent Life: Spring Forward

We know Spring means brighter and happier colors but you don’t have to part ways with some of your Winter staples starting with Khaki. Yes, we said it, Khaki is acceptable in Winter and is one of the best transitional colors when you know the fundamentals of color pairing this versatile hue. (Especially lighter khaki)

Gent Life: Spring Forward

Flip this color into your Spring go-to by pairing it with bolder facing colors (think: purple, blue, green, & pastels). Don’t be afraid to give your black button down a short sabbatical while you take these tones for a little adventure. For this look, we paired the Khaki blazer with a blue button down and pulled one of our winter ties to transition us into a more Spring forward ensemble. The pocket square is a great addition to your blazer allowing it to be the element that’s brings your attire into one cohesive look.

Cheers Gents!

PS: This period is late winter/early spring (March, April) so don’t be the poor soul wearing this to the outdoor cocktail party in July.

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