Spring is definitely a great time for people to get out and finally not have to layer. It is difficult to not just throw on a t shirt and walk outside, but lets change that. These two outfits are perfect for any occasion this spring. Lets jump in: 

1. Short Sleeve Shirt + White Pants + Penny Loafers

Men’s short sleeve casual shirt

This combo could not be any better for the heat. I hate when it gets so warm out that layering is just not an option. However, I don't go to a t-shirt, I opt for either a short sleeve shirt, or its cousin, the polo. Any option will work and will keep you cool.

Shirts for men

I paired this look with white jeans.  White jeans are like your white shirt, it goes with anything. Now I know that white jeans aren't for everyone, and that's understandable. You can definitely pair a nice shirt with some chinos or even jeans. 

It does get cold in spring, especially during sunrise. No big deal, a light jacket such as a denim jacket or even a light field jacket will do the job. 

Mens Jacket

2. Unconstructed Blazer + White T-Shirt + Cropped Chinos + Cap Toe Brogues

Mens Blazer .jpg

I absolutely love this look, its going to be my go to this spring and summer. This look fits any occasion, except for a wedding I'd opt for a white shirt and tie, but the combo still works. Make sure to pick up an unlined jacket, they breathe so you wont get hot. 

I added the white tee shirt but I dressed it up and I think that it fits the concept of staying cool while dapper at the same time. 

Cropped Chinos are my favorite from Zara, they fit as if they were hemmed to me, usually I have to have my pants hemmed because all clothes is usually built for people 6 ft and over. However, with these cropped pants I don't have to hem they are basically made for shorter men.

Casual Blazer and Tee Shirt

These cap toed brogues are perfect for dressing up or dressing down. These shoes are my go to when I go out, they just fit the occasion.

Mens leather shoes

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Ivan Martinez
CEO of I Am Mr. Martinez

Cheers, Gents!

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Ivan Martinez is a menswear and lifestyle blogger, from Minneapolis, MN. His style is classic with a touch of modern. He has worked with brands such as Target, The Tie Bar, and Express. Ivan is also an image consultant and has helped many gentleman dress to their full potential. He has worked for local magazines and also written pieces for other publications.  

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