Let’s face it we have all been there, stepping out of your house and immediately regretting your decision because the summer heat is running down your back. Here are some tips us cool (both figurative and… you get the idea):

1.  Light it up. Make sure to keep fabrics light and color choices light.

2..  Dress it up. If you decide to rock the swimwear for the day pair it up with a light weight V-neck, crew neck, polo, or a Henley t-shirt.

3.  Show some ankle. Discreet socks will be your best friends in the summer and we’ve got just the place to find them.

4.  Explore print, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves. By rolling up a pair of long sleeves you can turn your work shirt into a casual summer shirt. (Tip: If you roll up your sleeves make sure you don’t have too much walking scheduled on your itinerary that day). Summer is the perfect time to explore bold prints and our summer favorites currently are sailboats, fruits, and florals.

5.  Don’t leave out the Fedora.  Whether you’re just taking a stroll or headed to the beach make sure to pack your fedora, an upgrade from your baseball cap.



6.      Just add cocktails… Cheers, Gents! 

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