Same dilemma, different year: what to get the old man for Father’s Day. We realize that not every dad will be up to speed on current trends or make it a priority to refresh their wardrobe which is why we’ve picked out some not so “fatherly” ties to consider this year.

Solid color ties can make an outfit elegant and sleek, however Dad most likely has plenty. When looking for a tie take into consideration patterns and color combinations. Check out this Salt + Dapper (Long Island, NY) tie that will surely give your father a pop of color to any one of his ensembles.

If your father prefers more neutral tones you can still maintain a refreshed pattern with this tie from Cotton Brew

For for a more conservative dad, you can go for something more subtle in terms of design. (Twillory, Est. 1892)

Let us know what type of tie you choose to refresh your father's collection.

Cheers Gents! 

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