If you’re planning on calling 1-800-Flowers and calling it a day… Stop right there!

Widely considered a “Hallmark holiday,” investing time into the women you find special in your life will legitimately produce the best return. So this year think outside of the box and reconsider the box of chocolates. Here are a few tips for a true gentleman:

1) Call Mother!
No text, no e-mail… call her (if possible, visit her). More than likely, no one has invested more in you than she has and the best reward you can give her is acknowledgment of that. Catch her up on all things in your life and take interest in how she’s spending her free time now that she has her life back (since you left the nest, hopefully).

Tips for Valentines Day

2) Write a love letter!
We as men must do a better job communicating feelings and emotion. Today, the majority of our consumption happens digitally, remind her how important she is with a classic hand written note – guaranteed to be a hit.

Valentines Day Ideas for Men

3) Leave your phone at home (or off) that night!
Nothing says “I love you” like answering a quick email while the wine is being served. Don’t be silly, there’s a reason we bolded the word “time.”

 4) Look your best!
You dress up for sales meeting but throw on jeans and sneakers for a date night?What message are you trying to send? Better yet, what message do you think is being received?

How to dress for Valentines Day for men

 5) Try something new together!
This is an opportunity to prioritize your significant other and step out of your comfort zone! How about the new mixology bar for happy hour? A nice Manhattan or Martini will fade any distraction in your life.  You don’t like dancing… too bad, give it shot! Not interested in a dressy occasion at the theater? Good thing this night isn’t about you! ;)

Valentines Date Night Ideas
Date Night Ideas

Cheers, Gents