Years ago, I bought my first pair of “high quality” shoes and quivered when handing over a credit card to settle a $500 tab. A confidante of mine at the time reassured me “you’ll have them for the rest of your life.” For those of you climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own business that’s not necessarily a short-term consolation.

Recently, we’ve stumbled upon the best of both worlds, Beckett Simonon.

Shoes for men

Affordable Shoes

A high quality shoe for half the investment with so many choices… what the?


We wore these Dowler Cap boots on holiday in a cold wintery New York City with long walks, multiple train rides and a cigar bar and they held strong plus looked sharp! It’s not the easiest to find strong durable boots that still meet the requirements of a snappy casual cocktail party on Broadway, is it?

Mens Shoe's

Oxford Monk Straps

A friend once claimed “that’s the sound of a gentleman” while walking next to me as his high quality shoes echoed with every step. The oxford double-monk straps do just that! Further, everyone should have a pair of monks in their wardrobe.



It could be a Saturday morning coffee & cigar, or even a hard day at the office May – September. Either way, loafers date back to the 1950’s and are a versatile!

Mens Brown Shoes

Oxford Brouges

How about a wedding or an interview? The Yates Oxford Brogues are made from Argentinian leather with durable soles good for everyday wear and tear. In fact, most of the Beckett Simonon collection is made from full grain calf leather and are created with Blake construction, meaning re-soleable! That means you keep them for life for only $200!

Beckett Simonon Shoes

If this seems too good to be true, please allow us to explain:

Beckett Simonon is a Colombian company that doesn’t keep an inventory warehouse; instead all shoes are made to order by artisans in South America and Europe one shoe at a time. Once you pick out your shoes you’ll get updates every step of the way as they are crafted.

If you’re still not convinced that these shoes, boots or sneakers can up your game for half the price, take an additional 20% off by clicking the link below.

Compliments of the Gent Life & Beckett Simonon!

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Cheers, Gents!