Ok, so what’s the deal with not wearing “white” after Labor Day? I get asked this a few times a year, while I’m wearing white!

Our view; it’s an old fashioned adage and from my research over the years, it’s derived from several different aspects. One such stigma is since summer is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and white is a summer color, it should end following Labor Day. I am not sure how much we buy that here…

Mens fashion

Today’s fashionistas are more liberal with their choices. This includes wearing white more frequently. However, how often you wear it may depend on demographics and weather. Think about this, if you take a trip South of the border during the winter months, how many people in the Caribbean do you think are wearing plaid? Exactly! For you northerners, sunny winter days one could wear what’s called ‘Winter White’... more like an eggshell white up close, but from a distance appears as white as the snow on the ground. So go on and mix in a little white here and there until you’re comfortable. Live it up and don’t be afraid to shine!

Mens fashion inspiration

Besides, a man’s clothing should express his personal style, creativity and should be fun! Look at Jayden Smith for instance.  That ought to do!

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Written By: Andre Rapheal
Instagram: @dandy_dre
Twitter: @RaphealAndre

Cheers, Gents!

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