Since I was a young boy, I had a formed a genuine love for two things that would one day turn into my craft and career: dressing dapper and connecting to people.


From an early age, I idolized Gene Kelley in the 1952 musical, “Singing in the Rain”, to the point in which my mother was compelled to buy me a bright yellow rain slicker and a grey fedora to match his look in the opening credits of the movie. He could sing, dance, and act; All the while being dressed to a T. He was an iconic Hollywood triple threat and exemplified a true gentleman.

I developed such a passion for dressing up to the extent that instead of being punished with an early bedtime or banned from video games, I would be forbidden to dress formally to family dinners out on the town (something that surely would be a reward for other kids my age at the time).

Fast forward, as I harnessed my knack for socialization throughout grade school and college, a future in the world of communication and relationships was a no brainer. After living in Rome and immersing myself in Italian culture and fashion for a summer, I found a company that trained me to be a clothier and wardrobe consultant. This opportunity allowed me to unlock access to the world’s finest fabrics and clothing used on Savile Row in London (Holland & Sherry). 

Every day, I have the privilege of making local professionals custom shirts, trousers, sport coats, suits, or even casual wear. My clients are usually busy and looking for their clothing to fit better and last longer all while having the process be more simple and convenient.

What do my clients value the most? The fact that I come right to their home or office to make lengthy, unnecessary trips to the mall, a thing of the past. 

Throughout your life you upgrade your standard of living progressively. This means nicer cars, bigger houses, more luxurious vacations but somehow many men find themselves shopping at the same department stores they were searching in high school and college.

Why is this?
More importantly, what is stopping you from breaking this habit? I'll leave you with a short but powerful quote:

"The best investment you can make is in yourself" -Warren Buffett

Gents, if you’re located in Central Florida and are interested in having me assist you with a customized piece feel free to contact me. 

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By: Craig Judy
(517) 416-2948

Cheers, Gents

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