THE 10 Gent Commandments


1. A Gent is always courteous! Why wouldn’t you be? Character is everything. No one likes an ass with a suit.

2. A Gent maintains integrity. Your word is all you have after your health, keep it firm!  

3. A Gent always honors a woman. Respect the fact that she’s the first one of our kind, without her… you don’t exist.  

4. A Gent is always inquisitive in nature. First impressions only get you to the table, a well-rounded education & clearly stated perspective keeps you there.

5. A Gent is a master of communication! An efficient mix of pleasantries and clarity will maintain your audience! Balance charm & messaging wisely!

6. A Gent doesn’t gossip. Not only is it a waste of time, but negatively impacts your credibility. You passed grade-school (or this guide is not for you). (see #2)

7. A Gent always expresses himself in a dignified and respectable manner. Vulgar is not in your vocabulary! Extreme people are often a turn-off.

8. A Gent is always punctual & communicative. 15 minutes is a reasonable window… after that, you’re just being disrespectful.

9. A Gent always listens before he speaks! We were given two ears and one mouth, so listen more without interruption! 

10. A Gent always looks their best! (even casual Friday’s) A bad first impression = Game Over.

* You might be asking why first impressions would be #10 on this list? It’s the only thing on this list that can be fixed practically overnight!

It’s NOT all in the details… it’s about who you are!